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20) Lalaine  Female
Philippines Location
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Sunday, 18 January 2015 14:31 IP: Write a comment

Good people to do business with, Genuine product, Quick Delivery, and best prices online. I received my products ordered in just 1 week. Good after sales service, and best supporting staff. Thank You Mahavir Gems.
19) Benita Raut  Female
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Thursday, 18 December 2014 06:12 IP: Write a comment

I bought my Ruby from Mahavir Gems couple of weeks back as prescribed by my Guruji.
I found good results within first 3 weeks, things started going smoothly, as my guruji
had asked me to wear a unused gem for better positive effects in couple of weeks.
I should say that Mahavir Gems has excellent collection of gemstone with a warm friendly service.
Good people to deal with.
Good knowledge about the product and fair prices with self certification
on our name for every individual gemstone selected for astrological purposes.
18) Rahul Saxena  Male
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Tuesday, 9 December 2014 09:04 IP: Write a comment

I ordered a gemstone from Mahavir Gems online store,
Very quick delivery compared to other purchases from very well known jewellers in past.
Good quality gem, Self Certified, Fully satisfied. It has started giving me some positive vibrations and was manage to fulfill my much awaited target on time after wearing the gem in 15 days.
Would recommend all my friends for this store.
17) Rimpi Khanna  Female
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Saturday, 4 October 2014 07:42 Host: Write a comment

I was suggested to wear a yellow sapphire, which I bought from Mahavir Gems.
I was surprised to find some positive intuition popping up in my mind and somehow life looked full of fun and opportunity. Honestly I had tried similar gems of much higher value from other big showroom jewelers from Mumbai, but somehow felt like wasting my hard earned money. Because they offered buyback guarantee, I feel the stone was prior used by someone else before me wearing it ( much like second hand luck).
Anyways I would like to thank Mahavir Gems for providing me such lucky gem.
I would recommend all to buy any sort of gemstones only from Mahavir Gems.
16) Mariya Dsouza  Female
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014 07:05 IP: Write a comment

Beautiful collection of gemstones at such reasonable price.
Good service and modest approach.
Thanks Kaushik for frank advise & guidance.
God Bless
15) Rishika Mihani  Female
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Thursday, 28 August 2014 07:21 IP: Write a comment

I was searching for a Self certified gemstone online from a reputed source in India last week. Got to know about Mahavir Gems, visited its website and searched for my requirement of a Rhodocrosite & Quantum Quattro a rarely available gemstone as recommended by my astrologer / panditji.
I did not find the actual required size, hence I decided to call them and asked for the required size, to my surprise, their friendly approach and assurance of arrangements of required size was amazing. in next 2 days they uploaded the required products and on confirmation I received the gems in 4 working days. Much satisfied with their service and reliability.
I would always prefer Mahavir Gems for all my future gemstone requirements. Thank you Mr. Kaushik Sanghvi you are a gem of a person.
14) Shaina 
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014 09:13 IP: Write a comment

I recently purchased some Yellow Sapphire stones and some blue topaz stones. Even though I knew their clarity and color by the website description, I was truly amazed at the quality and color of these stones. I will be a repeat buyer and encourage others to try them out.

Here are a few to know more when it comes to the latest information about natural certified gemstones online Mahavir Gems.
13) Gio  Male
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 09:38 IP: Write a comment

I have placed 2 separate orders to, each time they arrived on time suggested roughly between 1-3 weeks. The rings were beautifully crafted and packed well within a velvet jewelry box, with it was the certificates for each stone. The rings and pendants were just beautiful, lovely unique design and craftsmanship. The first time I touched the stones to my skin, I could feel something. I do believe these untreated stones are powerful. I also contacted them via email after receiving the stones for instructions on which date and consecration/procedure to wear them. I also did get each stone verified for free by a local jeweller who confirmed they were genuine natural untreated gemstones. I highly recommend the professional service of Mahavir Gems to anyone seeking Vedic quality gems or any beautiful uniquely crafted jewelry. Sincerely, Gio (USA)
12) ALEMANIA  Female
phillipines Location
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014 12:46 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I came across this site while searching for a Ruby stone online. They seemed new to me so i contacted the customer care, the service is very commendable as they gave reply to every question that i asked, without loosing patience. I bought the gemstone and opted for self certified certificate, after all my queries have been answered. I was eagerly waiting for my stone and was almost sure that they wont be punctual like they said, but i was proven wrong as i was delivered the stone right on time and date. Try them and you will not regret at all.
11) Karan Mehra  Male
Mumbai Location
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014 18:05 Host: Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I had messed up my life with various problems and was really confused by the various jyotish & their predictions a couple of years back. Had also spent quiet a fortune behind this, until I happened to visit Mahavir Gems to buy a gemstone suggested by an astrologer. The gemstone from Mahavir Gems definitely helped me as good luck charm from the day I started wearing them. Most interesting was the owner Mr. Kaushik and his knowledge of gemmology & astrology. Although he has stopped practising astrology and does not suggest any gemstone nor does he reads any more kundali, on a special request he decided to help me on my second visit. Thank you, thank you Kaushik for providing a most soulful reading and suggestions of changes in my environment. You are truly a master in your art! he combines his in-depth knowledge/studies and experiences of Jyotisha with intuition. He is incredibly personable and perceptive and will give you ground-level recommends with moving forward towards your destiny. I am forever grateful for my reading & guidance from him.These guidelines & suggestions has uplifted my life to great success in last four years.

Kaushik Sanghvi, Team Mahavir Gems Wednesday, 16 July 2014 12:58
Thank You Karan
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