A beautiful purple colored Oval shaped Genuine Natural Sugilite / Luvulite 16 Carats in size from Mahavir Gems

Ideal gem for a pendant or a designer ring both for male / female.

Gem Weight 16.80 Carats / 18.46 Ratti
Gem Cut Oval Shaped Cabochone
Gem Color Dark Purple
Gem Clarity Opaque
Gem Dimension 21.90 x 17.25 x 05.35 mm Approx
Gem Shipping Weight 16.80 Carat Net Weight of the gemstone. Shipping weight minimum 200 gms.
Gem Refractive Index 1.61 avg.
Gem Specific Gravity S.G. 2.78
Gem Hardness 6.50 on moh's scale
Gem Dichroism None ( Opaque)

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Sugilite / Luvulite Oval Cabs 16 Carats

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