A beautiful 2 Carats+ / 2.25 Ratti+  /  2.60 - 5.87 Chav undrilled freshwater cultivated Natural Pearl.

Button Shaped, 

Beautiful Cultivated unused / un trialed Pearl for Astrological purpose from Mahavir Gems. You shall receive a pearl on order weighing between 2.00 - 3.00 Carats / 2.25 - 3.25 Ratti / 2.60 - 5.87 Chav*. A beautiful button shaped cultivated pearl of slight Cream white color from Mahavir Gems best suitable for all sorts of astrological use. Pearls are lucky for people born in the month of June and hence it is called as June Birthstone. Take proper care of your pearls and it will serve you for a life time to come. Natural Pearls are very delicate gems and can be easily damaged by the surrounding conditions. It is extremely important to care for pearl jewelry. With proper care the gems will last for centuries. 
Limited Time Offer:  With Free Shipping Within India
*Chav is also a unit of measure used for pearls.
* Picture shown in this listing is for Illustration purpose only. 

LEGENDS:-  For centuries, pearls have always been a symbol of peace, beauty and purity. Today, they are regarded as both classic and contemporary, coming in many more fashionable styles than your mother’s traditional strands or necklace of pearls.

Natural Pearls — are extremely rare. Historically, many were found in the Persian Gulf; unfortunately, today, most have already been harvested. You may be able to purchase small, natural pearls, but they will be costly.

Pearls have been known for their healing properties for centuries, particularly in traditional Asian medical systems. In these cultures, “medicine” deals with more than just physical ailments and cures, and substances like gold, silver and pearl powder are believed to have effects both physically and metaphysically.

Modern science has not discovered anything magical about pearls, but this does nothing to diminish their stature in people’s eyes. Pearls are said to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness, and to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity. They can especially enhance personal integrity. They have also been used in a number of cultures to help women connect with their “inner goddesses” and obtain the ultimate “feminine energy.”

Pearls have been used throughout medical history to help treat disorders of the digestive tract, muscular systems and the skin. Powders and potions containing pearls have also been developed to aid in fertility, as well as in easing the discomforts of the birthing process. Many cultures and societies have made similar claims for this lustrous gem.

The Chinese, for example, have depended on the healing properties of the pearl for centuries. They have used it to treat everything from simple eye ailments to serious heart problems, bleeding, fever and indigestion. To this day, the Chinese still use pearl powder as a skin whitener and a cosmetic, as do many other people around the world. In fact, the pearl is widely considered to be effective in controlling the skin conditions rosacea and acne.

Due to these natural properties, as well as its elegance and beauty, the pearl has been associated through the ages with the “matrix of life” itself. Proponents allege that the pearl helps to balance the human body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles. There are also those that claim that the pearl can bring inner wisdom and help to strengthen and nurture the growth of love. Pearls are thought by others to have very strong “magnetic” powers and have been used in “gem therapy” to strengthen nerves, the adrenal glands, the spleen and muscle tissue.

The pearl’s magical properties are said to allow a person to open up and find the meaning and the purpose of one’s “true self.” They are believed to enlighten the mind and inspire the mood, while helping the wearer to learn to love herself more and, in turn, help her love others more, as well. True or not, these are wonderful and inspiring thoughts to share with the world, and the pearl can help the wearer project any and all of these mystical traits in a practical way, by focusing the mind on these positive attributes, real or not. Pearls are not just gems. They are a veritable storehouse of good will and positive, uplifting feelings. The real magic is in beholding their beauty and seeing them as reminders of “all things good and true.” Now, doesn’t that sound like a gem worth wearing?


Gem Cut Round Button Shaped
Gem Clarity Opaque
Gem Dimension 7.50 x 7.50 mm approx

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Freshwater Cultivated Pearl 2 Carats

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