A natural Gometh of 03.00 carat / 03.30 Ratti, Excellent quality

A beautiful genuine natural unheated, untreated gem for astrological purposes. 

Rahu is a powerful planet and impacts a person's mental and spiritual equilibrium. Misalignment of Rahu can create mental inequalities, argumentative and insecure personality and marital discord. 

The Gomed Gemstones, when studded into rings or necklaces or bracelets as a part of jewelry, can unblock the Sahashara Chakra, which Rahu affects. It removes depression, obsessive thinking, skin and mental problems. The gemstone can also energize a person into thinking new ideas, and re-inventing a more refreshing way of life.


Hessonite Gemstone might routinely carry negative energies, and the stone or ring can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight. 

Gomed Gemstone will also get corroded if ammonia or vinegar is used to clean it.


Gemstone Species Hessonite Garnet
Gem Weight 03.00 carat / 03.30 Ratti
Gem Cut Mix Step Cut
Gem Color Dark Honey Brown
Gem Clarity VS2 Very Slightly Included
Gem Dimension 08.70 x 08.00 xz 04.50 mm Approx
Gems Other Details Indian Trade Name: Rahu, Gometh, Gomedhak, Gomedha,
Trade Name Rahu, Gometh, Gomedhak, Gomedha, Gomed,

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Natural Gometh 03.00 Ct

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